Lawmakers target meat substitutes and labeling

Allegedly concerned with “confusing” the public, certain states and the federal government have proposed or enacted legislation requiring meatless food manufacturers to avoid using meat-related terms on their labels. Just as demand for plant-based foods soars, driving...

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Statements imputing gang membership not actionable as defamation per se

Recently, the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, clarified a point of defamation law which had created confusion over the years:  Whether a false statement imputing an association with a criminal enterprise, such as a street gang, can support a cause of action for defamation per se (statements that are so obviously and naturally harmful on their face that they are actionable without proof of special damages).

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Ex-city alderman uses clever logic in effort to avoid prison

Former Chicago Ald. Willie Cochran will be sentenced next week.

After admitting helping himself to the proceeds of a donors’ fund earmarked for ward activities, Cochran asked the court for the proverbial wrist slap (six months’ home confinement), rather than the 12 to 18 months in prison indicated under federal sentencing guidelines.

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