Tax Corner

Non-interest bearing parent/child loans

Question: I loaned a sizeable sum to my daughter to enable her to purchase a residence.  While I expect to be repaid, there is no specific time for repayment and no interest will be paid on the loan.  What are the tax consequences of this arrangement?

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Protecting LLC Assets from Creditors

Question:       I own an interest in a limited liability company with others through which we operate a professional service business. Our company holds a significant amount of assets largely consisting of equipment, accounts receivable and cash. How can we protect the company assets from creditors in a tax-effective manner?

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Deducting interest on LLC debt refinancing

Question:        I received a distribution from a limited liability company in which I am an owner representing proceeds from the refinancing of a commercial loan on company property. Can I deduct my share of the interest on this debt?

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