Add out-of-state plates to latest bias act

The annals of Section 1983 litigation are filled with claims of constitutional rights violations by authorities due to plaintiffs’ race, religion or national origin. Far less litigation centers on state origin. As in police searching a car because it has out-of-state tags or because its driver hails from another state. Yet, this is what brought Peter Vasquez into court.

Where Pokémon Go goes, inevitable courtroom fights appear to lurk

Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura fell from the horizontal bar in preliminary competition at the Rio Olympics, landing on his back with a resounding thud. The resulting score of 14.300 meant he would not bid for gold, even as the reigning world champion of the event, six-time world gymnastics champion, defending Olympic gold medalist in men’s gymnastics and the “greatest gymnast ever” according to USA Today.

Penalty For Improper Exemptions

Under a new law (35 ILCS 200/9-275), the Cook County Assessor is hunting for homeowners who are claiming property tax exemptions for which they do not qualify.  The consequences can include repayment of up to 6 years of unpaid tax, plus 10% interest per year plus a penalty of 50% of the total unpaid tax. Moreover, the Assessor is authorized to record liens against real estate if the homeowner does not pay as required. 

Hacking cases shine spotlight on faulty defenses, consumer rights

By now, virtually every consumer knows of or was affected by highly publicized hacking incidents involving large companies’ computer systems.  The 21st century crime of data breaching, most recently aimed at certain lawyers’ papers in Panama City, Panama, also famously victimized Target, Home Depot, Ashley Madison, Sony, eBay and, ironically, the ID theft-protection firm Lifelock, among others.

Death, Disability Retirement - Putting the "Success" in Succession Planning

When Independent Sales Representatives get together to network in either a public or private forum, the discussion often turns to, “What happens to my agency in the event of my death, disability, or retirement?  What is the best way to retire without hurting my employees, principals, customers, and other important industry relationships?”

Michael Keaton Prevails in the 7th Circuit

Actor and director Michael Keaton, who occupied the title role in “Birdman,” “Batman” and “Beetlejuice,” among other “B” movies, was also signed to direct and star in “The Merry Gentleman,” a 2009 release that met with a less than merry fate at the box office. In the aftermath of the film’s failure, the recriminations began, and the producer quickly zeroed in on Keaton.